Commitment to Clean

Island House LVM is committed to providing a clean, safe environment that aligns with expert protocols in working to defeat Covid-19.

OUR VILLAS - Island House LVM adheres to rigorous cleaning protocols using hospital-grade disinfectants on all surface areas, with deep cleaning of all soft furnishings, towels and linens.

In our everyday cleaning, we also use the highest classification of disinfectants recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Hand sanitisers and disinfecting wipes are placed in and around each villa for personal use. We encourage frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitiser as an ongoing precaution.

NEW CLEANING TECHNOLOGIES – Island House LVM use enhanced technologies including electrostatic sprayers to sanitise surfaces throughout each property that allow for touchless disinfection. The magnetically charged droplets produced by the electrostatic sprayers seek out and coat hard to reach areas and surfaces typically missed in standard cleaning processes. We are also testing ultraviolet light technology for sanitising guest keys and devices shared by associates.

YOUR WELL-BEING - To help alleviate the risk of Covid-19 transmission through person-to-person contact, we recommend guests maintain sensible social distancing where possible. Each villa is equipped with a thermometer in the first aid kits so that guests can self-monitor. We encourage frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitiser as an ongoing precaution.

For further information on the current Covid-19 situation on the Turks & Caicos Islands, please visit

FOOD SAFETY - Island House LVM associates are routinely trained on safe food preparation, service practices and enhanced sanitation. Self-inspection using food safety standards as guidelines and compliance are conducted using our stringent auditing system for validation.

Our Lifestyle Concierge team members are happy to assist you with any enquires and requests relating to guest health and well-being.

All protocols and procedures are subject to updates from the relevant local health and industry authorities. For the latest information on travel and health please visit

The health and safety of all our guests, team, property owners and the local community remains a key priority for Island House LVM. We have implemented a series of cleaning protocols across all our properties in order to help protect against Covid-19 and to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained.